How to Use Psychometric Testing to Find the Best People For the Jobs

According to Sara Wedeman, PhD in psychology with 20 years of experience in this field and behavioral economics, the use of psychometric tests for selection of candidates for any job needs extra cautions. This practice involves some real legal risks, and also faces ban in several nations, so one must have a deep knowledge of the laws of the country before adopting any such tests into the selection process. However the other risks involved are the relationship between the test and the job profile offered itself, the accuracy of the tests on different groups of people is very rigid.

Some of these tests follow the “if it fits, hire it” approach which is not at all free of bias, how can one’s potential be determined without giving him a chance to work, for example, in some tests the candidate is required to select one of the two extreme options, one has to select an answer without any other choice, this force on selection of an answer reduces the accuracy of the results.

How to find the best using Online Psychometric Tests?

Selection of right tool: The use of online psychometric tests should be done only after a detailed research is done, on its relevance to the nature of the job, any online psychometric testing will only help you if it is specifically designed for your job requirements otherwise its accuracy cannot be determined by any means. for e.g. if you want to hire staff for the sales department, you should select a psychometric testing tool that judges them on the basis like, ability to deal with people, persuasion power, energy level, spoken skills, etc. If selected with utmost care, the Psychometric Tests can be very helpful in selection of a staff that is Highly competent.

Being innovative: However a new approach of using online psychometric testing has also gained recognition after some research. Countries like UAE, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and U.S have come up with the new implementation of this method. They have also started using the online Psychometric Tests after the employees are hired to provide assessment and career goals to the staff that helps in boosting the employees’ moral and they can surely perform better.

Advantages of Online Psychometric Tests:

Psychometric testing has a lot of advantages over the traditional recruitment process; it makes the hiring process simpler, convenient, faster and cost effective by eliminating some of the outdated steps of the selection process.

Why to use Online Psychometric Testing:

  • Self-serve
  • Customized assessments according to the job profile or competencies
  • Simple, Intuitive and accurate. No need to hire certified professionals or psychologists for interpreting the results.
  • Integrated assessment with analytic report
  • Completely online.

Mettl Online Testing Software basically identifies a candidate’s ability to do a task, or any talent, and of course, this information is not judged in complete isolation. The results are delivered by interpreting​abilities in context to the other information also that the tests have gained about your strengths and weaknesses.